Long Flight? Let Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Travel Cushions Take the Pressure Off

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My husband and I had been planning a trip to Vietnam for several years. When we finally found just the right tour for us we booked the trip and started making plans. As excited as we were, we couldn’t help but be apprehensive about the flight time. My husband suffers from chronic back and sciatica pain, and we knew the 20+ hours on an airplane would be excruciating for him. So in anticipation of that arduous journey I purchased two Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Travel Cushions … one for each of us. That purchase ended up being one of the best travel purchases I’ve ever made.

Our first flights went from Washington Dulles to Seoul, Korea. In total, our flight time for those flights was 17-1/2 hours. One of the great things about the Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Travel Cushion is that when you deflate them and roll them up, they can be tucked away in an outside pocket of your backpack or carry-on luggage. This made it so easy and convenient to just grab them once we were on the plane without having to dig through our things, holding everyone up in line behind us.

Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Travel Cushions

The Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Travel Cushion can be deflated, rolled up and tucked away in an outside pocket of your backpack or carry-on luggage. Image credit: Cherri Megasko

Greg experimented with the inflation level of his Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Travel Cushion, and actually ended up changing it a few times during the flight to adjust for different positions and posture. That’s another great thing about this product … it can offer extra firm support or just a tad of softness – whatever you need at the time.

I actually have to cross my legs when I’m traveling and typically, the place where my ankle meets the seat in front of me becomes very tender after a long flight. So for most of my flight time I used my Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Travel Cushion as a barrier between my ankle and the seat back in front of me. It was totally comfortable and made for a much more enjoyable flight.

Once in Seoul we had a 5-1/2 hour layover before we headed on to Ho Chi Minh City. But our Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Travel Cushions didn’t get a break … we used them in the airport, too! From the food court to a sports bar to our departure gate, Greg used his for lower back support and I used mine as a seat cushion. I can’t tell you how much more comfortable it made the wait.

Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Travel Cushions

My husband, Greg, and I enjoyed a traditional Korean meal of Bibimbop in the Seoul airport while seated on our Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Travel Cushions. Image credit: Cherri Megasko

Although we were both able to sleep on the plane, the true test was the following day. Typically that is when Greg’s back and leg would hurt the worst. In the past his pain sometimes even prevented us from doing much on the first full day after a long flight. But this time was a different story. We both awoke the next morning pain-free and ready to hit the streets of Saigon.

Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Travel Cushions

Independent vendors line the streets of Ho Chi Minh City selling everything from Vietnamese pancakes to deep-fried scorpions. Image credit: Cherri Megasko

I highly recommend the Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Travel Cushion. Since our Vietnam trip we have used them on other flights, in our car, our RV and even on a 10-day bus tour through Turkey!

Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Travel Cushions

If you look closely you can see my husband’s Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Travel Cushion peeking out from behind his lower back. He used it on our tour bus in Turkey all the way from Istanbul to Cappadocia to Kusadasi and back! Image credit: Cherri Megasko

  • I did NOT received any compensation – monetary or otherwise – for my review of this product. All opinions are my own.



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5 thoughts on “Long Flight? Let Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Travel Cushions Take the Pressure Off

  1. Carol

    Now this is something I might need to look into. My lower back sometimes gets too stressed from travel and I have resorted to putting an airplane pillow behind me.

    1. Cherri Megasko Post author

      It’s only been in the last couple of years that I have been able to sleep a little on a plane. And boy! Am I glad! Those long flights are killers if you can’t sleep. I highly recommend one of these. Greg is in the living room reading and using his right now.

  2. Emily

    Great review. Yes the more frequently I travel I am beginning to realize the value of these when i travel. Folding a blanket or having a bulky neck pillow just doesn’t cut it when it comes to the back! I am able to sleep a tad longer on flights these days!

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