Best Outdoor Markets in Europe

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Welcome to Part III of our three-part series on Best Outdoor Markets Around the World. Part I spotlighted the best outdoor markets of North and South America. Part II featured the best outdoor markets of Asia and Africa.  In this edition we’ve asked our most-traveled friends to tell us about the best outdoor markets in Europe.

best outdoor markets in Europe

While perusing the Herbstmarket in Dresden, Germany, be sure to take some time to sample the Federweißer, a wine-like beverage made by fermenting the juice of freshly pressed grapes.

The Herbstmarkt in Dresden, Germany from Happiness Travels Here

The Dresden Herbstmarkt (Autumn Market) is held in the same square as Germany’s longest running Christmas Market, the Striezelmarkt. While the Christmas Market, held in December, is all about the warm spiced Gluhwein, at the Autumn Market the drink of choice is Federweißer, made by fermenting the juice of freshly pressed grapes.  The short fermentation time produces a wine like beverage. It is sweet, slightly sparkling and very easy to drink. For those that prefer beer some of the specially brewed Oktoberfest beers are also available here.

About Happiness Travels Here:

Kaylie is a New Zealander currently living in Dresden, Germany. She has taken her two kids to 26 countries in the past two years. She shares her tips and experiences on her travel blog – Happiness Travels Here – so others can organize epic adventures of their own.

best outdoor markets in Europe

Found in the old part of Skopje on the eastern banks of the River Vadar, the Old Bazaar is the oldest in the Balkans and still one of the best outdoor markets in Europe.

Skopje’s Old Bazaar, Macedonia from The Kid Bucket List

Skopje’s Old Bazaar is the oldest in the Balkans and one of the “must visit” places in Macedonia’s capital city. Found in the “old” part of the city on the eastern banks of the River Vadar, the Old Bazaar is an eclectic mix of stores and stalls which include some of the old crafts such as silversmiths, shoemakers, bakers and even candlestick makers!

Besides the stores, the Old Bazaar is also a cultural center with a plethora of tea houses and coffee shops spread throughout the area. It also has some old museums and Hammams awaiting for you to explore.

About The Kid Bucket List:

From their travels abroad to travels in their home country, Australia, Leah and her family are on a quest to enrich childhood through adventure…..but it’s not all about the plane trips!

best outdoor markets in Europe

Chefs, locals and tourists flock to the Viktualienmarkt Market for a modern-day gourmet shopping experience that makes it one of the best outdoor markets in Europe.

Viktualienmarkt Market in Munich, Germany from That Texas Couple

Located in the heart of Munich’s Altstadt (old town), you will find a bustling food market that is a feast for your senses. Originally a food market for the locals, Viktualienmarkt has quickly become a gourmet shopping experience. Chefs, locals and tourists flock to the market to buy the freshest cheese, meat, seafood, bread and Bavarian specialties. While all of this fresh food is amazing, it’s what is located right in the center of the market that makes it extra special.

Under the shade of 100-year-old chestnut trees, right in the middle of this amazing food mecca, is a true German beer garden featuring some of the best breweries in Munich! Take a break from shopping, grab a beer and a pretzel, then sit and take in all the sights, sounds and smells of this amazing market. If you’re lucky enough to visit during Christmas, you will also enjoy live entertainment from the carolers.

About That Texas Couple:

Marty and Michelle are fun loving, adventure seeking travel bloggers that also just happen to be high school sweethearts! Their love for travel inspired them to start their blog, That Texas Couple, where they share their travel stories, tips, and tricks to help inspire others to afford and enjoy travel as well.

best outdoor markets in Europe

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the Markets of Aix-en-Provence, France are buzzing with shoppers searching for the best and freshest items the market has to offer.

The Markets of Aix-en-Provence, France from Travel Addicts

In Aix-en-Provence, France, the same cheese makers, seafood purveyors, and herb sellers have been occupying their respective stands for decades. In this gorgeous city dotted with plane trees and fountains, it’s all about the markets. Locals rely on their favorite vendors while occasionally making room for a new face pedaling unique wares.

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, almost all of Aix-en-Provence becomes an outdoor market. On those days, locals and visitors alike have their pick of the farmer’s market, the flower market, the antiques market, the fruit and vegetable market or the textiles market. If it weren’t so gorgeous it would almost be overwhelming. Luckily, the city has a compact center, so it’s possible to visit all the stops easily—at least as long as you can carry all your lovely purchases.

 About Travel Addicts:

Laura and Lance Longwell are authors of Travel Addicts. They enjoy visiting markets around the US and the world and taste testing along the way.

best outdoor markets in Europe

The IJHallen flea market is one of the largest in Amsterdam and one of the best outdoor markets in Europe.

JHallen Flea Market of Amsterdam, The Netherlands from Wanderlusting UK

The IJHallen flea market is one of the largest outdoor markets in Amsterdam. You never know what you’ll find at this monthly market, whether it’s a 1900s hat, a beautiful dress, or a funny sign. Prices tend to be flexible for most booths, so it’s easy to get a steal.

Unlike many markets that are professionally run, anyone can get a booth for a small fee. That makes the IJHallen one of the most diverse flea markets in Amsterdam. It’s located in the up and coming area of NDSM, which is across the water from what most people know to be Amsterdam. The area is full of interesting graffiti and cool cafes!

About Wanderlusting UK:

Karen is an American living in Europe. Until recently, she lived in Amsterdam. She loves off the beaten path adventures, cats, and road trips.

best outdoor markets in Europe

From vinyl records to vegetables you can find everything you need at the Portobello Road Markets in London – one of the best outdoor markets in Europe.

Portobello Road Markets, London, England from the Bucket List Travel Club

The Portobello Road Market in London has something for everyone. For decades it has been world renowned for everything from antiques to afternoon tea. Even though it’s open Monday through Saturday, Saturday provides the biggest and best markets. If you’re lucky you can even enjoy entertainment from multiple street performers.

Be sure to hone up on your haggling skills and give yourself plenty of time to see all this legendary marketplace has to offer. Once you’ve had your fill of shopping you can take a break and enjoy a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants lining the street.

Leave your car at the hotel and take the Circle or Hammersmith & City line to the Ladbroke Grove underground station. From there it’s a short four-minute walk to the middle of Portobello Road and one of the best outdoor markets in Europe.

About Bucket List Travel Club:

Cher and Greg are full-time travelers who explore the world with their Yorkshire Terrier, Winston. From the jungles of the Amazon to the boutiques of Paris, they turn every new experience into a life adventure.


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best outdoor markets in Europe

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