Beach Lovers Guide to Tybee Island, Georgia

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The beach is my happy place!  I have visited many beaches, from Ocean City, Maryland, to Roatan, Honduras … from San Diego, California, to the uninhabited islands of Fiji.  I especially like the white sugar sand of the Gulf Coast but fell in love with the Tybee Island beaches because they reminded me of the first beach I ever went to in Maryland.  That’s why I am excited to write this Beach Lovers Guide to Tybee Island.

West Side – Tybee Inlet Beach

To the east of Tybee Island lies the Atlantic Ocean and to its west is Tybee Inlet. The inlet is fed by the Savannah and Wilmington Rivers and it is the influx from these rivers that gives the sand its light gray color and incredibly smooth surface. It’s easy to walk on this part of the island with bare feet.  On the southern end of this beach you will find lots of sea shells and gentler waves, not to mention the sea turtles’ nests.  This part of the beach is also nice for younger children.

beach loves guide to tybee island

The west side – or inlet side – of Tybee Island is great for shelling. Image credit: Leann Woody

Atlantic Side – Tybee Beach

The Atlantic side of Tybee Island has a rougher surf and is more crowded.  The Tybee Island Pavilion and Fishing Pier is located in this area.  You can fish off the pier for a fee and there is a bar located inside the Pavilion that offers live music.  There are multiple life guard stands and the beaches are all open to the public.  You can rent lounge chairs and umbrellas on the Atlantic side as well.  Tybee Beach is very family oriented and you can bring your own chairs, blankets, and coolers. (Note: Although it is family oriented, visitors are allowed to consume alcohol on the beach and walk through town with open containers.)

beach lovers guide to tybee island

The Tybee Island Pavilion and Fishing Pier is located on the eastern – or Atlantic – side of the island. Image credit: Leann Woody

Conservation and Tybee Island

Tybee Island practices strict beach conservation and has some of the best maintained sand dunes in the country. They are vigilant in their sea turtle conservation efforts as well.  If you visit Tybee Island be sure to check out the Tybee Island Marine Science Center.

beach lovers guide to tybee island

Beach conservation is taken very seriously on Tybee Island. Image credit: Leann Woody

Final Thoughts for the Beach Lovers Guide to Tybee Island

I enjoyed my trip to Tybee Island and look forward to going back someday.  If you plan on going keep in mind that public parking is very difficult to find.  My advice would be to go early and plan to spend the whole day.  Beachwear is acceptable in all the shops, restaurants and bars.







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2 thoughts on “Beach Lovers Guide to Tybee Island, Georgia

  1. Ian Regan

    I found this article particularly helpful as i love going to beaches! I have visited many of them! And i love thfm all. Thank you for your very well executed article i found it not only informative but attention grabbing!

    1. Cherri Megasko

      Thanks, Ian. This post was written by a guest blogger, Leann Woody. She’s one of the biggest beach lovers I know.

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