5 Reasons You Should Have a Bucket List

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The term “bucket list” is thrown around a lot these days. There’s even a movie with that title starring two of the silver screen’s most beloved actors –Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. But what is a bucket list, really? And why are so many people jumping on the bucket list bandwagon? Here are five of the most important reasons you should have a bucket list, too.

1. A Bucket List Gives You Something to Look Forward To

It’s so easy in our adult lives to fall into a rut and feel like we’re just living to work rather than working to live. Taking the time to give serious thought to some of the fun things we want to do in life gives us something to look forward to.

bucket list

Earlier this year I went snorkeling in Fiji. It was one of my favorite trips. I loved it so much I added a return trip to my bucket list. Image credit: Cherri Megasko

2. A Bucket List Motivates You

Once you’ve put pen to paper and have a bonafide bucket list you now have a direction to work towards. Instead of sleeping in on Saturday morning maybe you will get up early to start working on that tree house you’ve been dreaming of.

bucket list

Adding “Become a wildlife rehabilitator” to my bucket list motivated me to get the training I needed to join a hummingbird rescue team. Image credit: Cherri Megasko

3. A Bucket List Keeps You Active

Remember all that energy and enthusiasm we had when we were younger? Unfortunately, that has a way of waning over the years. Having a bucket list reminds us that we still have a lot of fun things left to do in life and gets us up off the couch.

bucket list

“Hiking in the Amazon rainforest” used to be a bucket list item for me. Drinking from a water vine in the Peruvian jungle was just icing on the cake. Image credit: Cherri Megasko

4. A Bucket List Improves Self-Esteem

You know how good it feels when you get a lot accomplished on a weekend? Well, you can multiple that by ten when you finally go on that African safari you’ve dreamed about for years. Accomplishing things on your bucket list makes you more confident and improves your self-worth.

bucket list

In 2013 I checked “African safari” off my bucket list. We spotted these two kings of beasts in the Maasai Mara of Kenya. Image credit: Cherri Megasko

5. A Bucket List Makes You More Interesting

Have you ever been to a party or event where you’ve met a lot of new people? Think back to those you found most interesting. Chances are they were the ones who approached life with gusto. They had done a lot of different things, traveled to a lot of different places and had a lot of unusual experiences. With your own bucket list you can be that person.

bucket list

One of my passions is sampling unusual delicacies from around the world. I’ve eaten cobra, balut (fertilized duck embryos), guinea pig, live grubs, fried scorpions and many other unique foods. I have found that people love to hear about these unique experiences from my bucket list. Image credit: Cherri Megasko

But just making a bucket list isn’t enough. In order to reap all these positive benefits you have to actively work your list. I review my list often and even modify it from time to time as my interests change. I have things on my list that can be accomplished in one weekend and others that will take years. Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose but the doldrums.

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26 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Have a Bucket List

  1. lisa

    I don’t call my list a “bucket list” as much as just a to do list for my life. There is so much I want to do when my kids get older.

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I have a bucket list of my own and I was lucky enough to cross 2 things off last year. I am going for one more (at least) this year.

  3. Sandy KS

    A bucket list is a great way to write down things you wish to do in your lifetime. I have many things that could be made in to a bucket list. However, I fear money will be an issue in stopping some. A woman can still dream, right?

  4. Emily

    We are planning to do some traveling before the end of summer and i’m definitely going to make a bucket list before we leave. 🙂

  5. Helena

    Looks like it’s time to make a bucket list, these reasons are pretty compelling! I never saw the need to do that because I figured what happens, happens. But the power of the mind is not to be discounted! Make a list, visualize it, and it very well could happen!

  6. Alli

    I’ve always had “to do” lists, way before the “bucket list” became popular. I’m replying from one of my favorite islands. It was on my “to do” list and this is my second visit. I find that if I write it down, it becomes real and, therefore, doable. These are all great reasons to have a bucket list.

  7. Chris G

    I have never thought of making a bucket list but you make it sound like a great thing to do. I may just have to do that soon.

  8. Jeanine

    I haven’t even looked at my bucket list in over a year. I always forget about it, but need to re-evaluate it fully. I have done so much on it!

  9. CourtneyLynne

    I think everyone should have a bucket list! My hubby doesn’t have one and I can’t understand how someone wouldn’t want one?!? They really do give you something to look forward to!

  10. Lauren

    I really need to make a legit bucket list and set some goals! It’s always been a goal of mine to have some things to accomplish in my life!

  11. Joann

    I have a sort of mental bucket list but you are right, I need it written down, makes it more real and gets me to really work towards those things…. I’m going to blog my bucket list! Thanks for the inspiration! I think I’m also going to include the things on the list that I’ve already completed.

  12. Camille

    I’m doing the 101 things in 1001 days challenge so I have a rather long bucket list to go down! I love that it keeps me busy and motivated, and it feels pretty good to see the list get shorter…

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